Walker County Schools 2021-22 Registration FAQs 

When is 2021-2022 WCS Registration scheduled?

  • Beginning May 3rd, enrollment is open Monday through Friday from 9:00-3:30, or by appointment. 

  • For June and July, Enrollment is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00-3:30, or by appointment. 

  • The enrollment office will be closed for the week of the 4th of July (5th-9th). 

  • The enrollment office is located at 925 Osburn Rd. Chickamauga, GA 30707

How long does it take to register my child? 

  • It typically takes around 30 minutes to complete the enrollment paperwork for one child. Please schedule your visit appropriately as the office closes at 3:30. 

  • To expedite this process, you can download and print the application in advance. 

    • Pre-Kindergarten Application Information

    • Kindergarten Registration File

    • 1st-5th-grade Registration File

    • 6th-12th-grade Registration File


Will my student(s) be guaranteed a slot for Kindergarten?

  • Yes, if your child enrolls in their zoned school, they will be guaranteed a slot.


My child currently attends Pre-K at their zoned school.  Do I need to register my child for Kindergarten?

  • No. If your child attends their zoned school, the student rolls up. No additional registration required.


My child currently attends Pre-K at an out-of-zone school.  Do I need to register my child for Kindergarten?

  • If the principal approves an out of zone request for the student, no additional registration is required.

  • If the principal does not approve an out of zone request, you will have to register your student at the Central Enrollment Office for their zoned school.


What documents are required for Registration?

  • Your GA ID - Personal identification of parent/guardian

  • Your Child’s ID - A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, and any court orders establishing or restricting custody.

  • Form 3231 (Immunization Certificate)

  • Form 3300 (Eye, Ear, Dental and Nutrition Certificate)

  • 2 Proofs of address - (some examples are)

    • Electricity Bill | Water Bill | Gas | Phone | Cable | Lease-Signed | Mortgage | Bank Statement | GA Voter Registration Card at current address | First Page of GA Income Tax Return | Receipt from car tag registration


VISUAL VERIFICATION through a home visit by a School Social Worker may be warranted to fulfill proof of address requirements.

If you are living with a friend or relative because of economic hardship, you will need to bring them to the Enrollment Center to sign a Sworn Affidavit stating that their address is your place of residence. They will also need to bring their two proofs of residency and a current GA ID with them.


If you do not have documentation because you are living in a temporary or homeless situation, call the Homeless Outreach Program for Education at 706-375-7945.




Fairyland School sits upon Lookout Mountain, Georgia.  

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Fairyland School Hybrid Learning Plan

The following schedule will apply to all PreK-5th grade Fairyland School Classrooms:

Please note:  This is a change from the previous information that went out from the school district concerning the duration of this hybrid schedule. The new hybrid schedule for FES will begin on Monday, November 30 and continue thru Friday, December 4.  The school district will monitor school-by-school data and make a community announcement by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, December 2 about the plan for the next two weeks and whether we will move back to a full 5-day week or continue with the hybrid schedule.  Going back to a full 5-day week will be decided on a school-by-school basis after examining each school's data and will only apply to the elementary schools in Walker County.

The Hybrid Schedule will consist of 2 COHORTS and will be based off each student’s last name) 

If your child’s last name starts with A-K, then your child is in cohort A 

- Cohort A will come to school on Monday and Tuesday for in-person instruction. 


If your child’s last name starts with L-Z, then your child is in cohort B

-Cohort B will come to school on Thursday and Friday for in-person instruction

Wednesday’s will be an at-home virtual day for all students and each teacher will communicate their daily schedule.  

No students report for in-school learning on Wednesday's.


Families with multiple student last names need to pick ONE Cohort and contact the school with your choice of Cohort A or B.  Please email makogilchrist@walkerschools.org with your selection by Friday, November 20.

On school days that the students do not attend with their Cohorts, students will be given assignments to be completed online and/or in a homework packet assigned by the teacher.


  • ●  Meals for our virtual students can be ordered through November 23 and picked up on November 30.

  • ●  Meals for virtual students must be ordered weekly; effective the weeks of December 7-December 18, meals for virtual students will be picked up one time per week on Wednesday.

  • ●  Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided and sent home with Hybrid Cohort A (students who attend in-person Monday and Tuesday) on Tuesday-no order is required for these meals.

  • ●  Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided and sent home with Hybrid Cohort B (students who attend in-person Thursday and Friday) on Friday-no order is required for these meals.

  • ●  Please see this information and ordering instructions and times for pick-up on the WCS School Food Service website ​www.walkerschoolnutrition.com

Chrome books are available for every child and were sent home on Friday, November 13.  

Virtual students with Miss Scott, Ms. Giddens, and Mrs. Edwards will remain online but follow the cohort schedule provided by each teacher.  

After-Care – will still be offered until 5:30pm to those students that are here on Cohort A and B days.  There will be no after-care on Wednesday’s

Bus Transportation – buses will run on a normal schedule.


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