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Fairyland School COVID Procedures

Digital Learning Delivery:

Instruction will be delivered by a FES teacher and will be delivered in 3 different grade level bands: Kindergarten/1st - 2nd/3rd Grade - 4th/5th Grade. All online students will begin school on August 20, one week after school starts. This will allow time for Chromebooks to be set up and virtual teachers to get ready. Chromebooks for online learners will be available for pick up on the night of Open House or by contacting the school office to schedule a time.

The online teachers will not be creating their own lessons for the 2 grade levels (10 subject preps), but rather will be re-delivering the instruction of the in-person teachers with some variation. Every teacher, including sp. ed., regular ed. and activity teachers will be creating lessons for the online students. Once school starts, an "online schedule" will be created and sent to every child for when they need to log in from their online teacher. Some of the instruction will take place live via Google Meeting, while other instruction may be delivered with a recorded video, or only an online resource. This will be up to each teacher to format and create their lessons to fit their individual needs. All lessons will be delivered using the google classroom. In an effort to support you, the parents, we are scheduling grade level "digital learning nights." This will be for ALL parents and will give you a chance to attend in person or virtually to get an overview of how daily instruction will be delivered. All parents should plan to attend this training in the event that school is cancelled for any period of time and we move to all learning online. The dates of this training are listed below and will be held in the school gymnasium and will follow all COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

August 17

Kindergarten from 6-7pm

1st grade from 7-8pm

August 18

2nd grade from 6-7pm

3rd grade from 7-8pm

August 19

4th grade from 6-7pm

5th grade from 7-8pm

Online Teachers: Due to the recent resignation of a teacher at FES, the virtual teacher for all Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers is still undecided. A plan and decisions are being made on who that teacher will be and will be finalized soon.

Ms. Giddens is going to be the virtual teacher for all 2nd and 3rd grade students.

Mrs. Edwards is going to be the virtual teacher for all 4th and 5th grade students.

Keep in mind, that your commitment to the online learning platform is for 9 weeks and parents will need to be involved in assisting their children at home with their instruction. However, if at any point in the 1st few weeks you find yourself struggling and want to change to in-class instruction, please let your child's teacher know and we can explore getting them back in the classroom.

COVID Procedures as Established by Walker County Schools:

Guidelines for if a child or teacher gets COVID is still being developed at the district level. When I have this information I will release it to you.

Classroom Instruction:

· Teachers will be allowed to open windows for air-flow when the days get cooler outside.

· Social distancing - will be communicated all day long with desks in the classroom spread out.

· Students will walk on the right side of the hall when moving through the building.

· Masks are highly recommended for all students.

· Proper hygiene will be taught every day including meal-time.

· Students will be staggered in the restroom – only allowing a few at a time.

· Books returned to the library should will be set aside for 72 hours before re-distribution

· Teachers will clean out non-essential items in rooms to assist in maintaining social distancing.

· Teachers are encouraged to have class outside as much as possible. Four outdoor classroom spaces will be available for outdoor learning

· If a student is sick, the office and/or nurse will examine the child. Sick children will be isolated in a designated area until the parent can come to pick up the child.

· Temperature Checks - random temperature checks will be taken, but not every child will be checked.

Playground/Recess - playground equipment is closed to start the year - hoping to open it up soon - students will still go outside to play. Teachers will encourage organized games such as - kickball, walking, soccer to limit contact.

**Masks are highly recommended for recess, but as long as students are social distancing it will be permissible to not wear one since they are outside and doing physical activity.

Drop-Off: Parents will not be allowed to drop off their children in their classrooms. All children must be dropped off on the front porch each day. PreK and Kindergarten parents - plan to drop off your child with a staff member at the front door. (We know this will be hard and we apologize, but under these unique circumstances, this is required). We recommend parents staying in your car and driving thru as we anticipate longer carpool lines in the morning. Cones will be placed at the doors in the morning with entrance and exit signs as well as “Parents Drop Off Here” signs.

Carpool Dismissal: We will be spread out along the sidewalk with each grade level standing at their designated spots. Buses will be dismissed by grade levels PreK-2, then 3-5 to spread out the students at dismissal. Plan for dismissal to take a bit longer due to this new process.

Bus Transportation:

Due to the high volume of bus drivers who will not be returning due to COVID-19, the buses will stop at community designated stops and not individual homes this school year. The buses will stay on the main roads; however, special education students will still be dropped off and picked up at their homes.

· Buses that are full and that cannot follow social distancing guidelines, masks will be mandatory.

· Elementary students will not be dropped off at the community stops if a parent/guardian is not present.

· Sick students will not be put on the bus in the afternoons. Parents must come get them if they are sick.

Field Trips - all are suspended for the first semester

Visitors: only staff and students are allowed in the main building. All visitors must go through the main office and stay behind the sneeze guard and remain in the office.

Individual school supplies – we recommend all students have their own school supplies in a box or zip lock bag. Sharing of supplies is not encouraged


· Lunches will be staggered to maintain social distancing– we will have a revolving schedule to allow approximately ½ the students to eat in the cafeteria and ½ in the classrooms on a daily basis.

· Breakfast in the classrooms will continue as normal and is still free. We will stagger dismissal times from the gym in the morning to prevent long lines. As bus students arrive, we will social distance in the gym at the designated markers on the floor.

· All lunch trays and utensils will be disposable.

· PreK will eat lunch in the classroom every day.

· Online students- parents can fill out Free/Reduced Lunch Applications - they must come to school to get food.


· Classroom filters will be changed monthly in every classroom. If any child gets sick, the filter will be changed in the classroom. HEPA filtration systems with UV light have been donated by a FES donor and will be placed in all classrooms.

· Frequently touched areas - phones, door knobs, railings – will be disinfected regularly throughout the school day

· Every class will have a spray bottle of disinfectant - teachers will disinfect all surfaces at least twice a day

· Signs are posted throughout the school reminding students of hand-washing and social distance. 12 additional hand sanitizer stations have been added to the building

· Foggers have been ordered by the school district- this will be done daily.

· Busses will be cleaned and sanitized every day by the bus drivers.

· Busses will have hand sanitizer ready and available as students enter and exit the bus.

· Bottles fillers have been installed and are available in 3 locations – Love Lookout is supplying 350 water bottles to FES students.

Fairyland School Digital Library

Hello Fairyland Family,

I hope your school year is starting smoothly! In these unique times, I wanted to share an exciting addition of a digital facet to our library. If you bookmark this link: https://sites.google.com/walkerschools.org/fes-library/home it will be updated with new read alouds from me and “rooms” with read alouds and activities based on our library lessons/ fairyland favorites every few weeks. There was a brief overview of the website during the digital learning nights and students have been introduced to it, but a explanatory video is embedded into the chalkboard on the words “Hello, Fairyland Readers!”, if you need a refresher.

Also, we do have digital access to the books in our library collection via this card catalog link: https://fairyland.goalexandria.com/ (or the Keep Calm and Read On poster on the website) If you need any books, especially our digital learners, please feel free to email me and we can bring books checked out to the office (or out to your car). We also will have an open browsing time after school from 3-4 on Tuesdays, if you’d like to come in and check out books.

I also am in the process of setting up some databases of digital book access for our school. Stay tuned for login information! Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions or need books. Thanks!

Melissa Cairns

Librarian— Fairyland Elementary



Due to the Covid19 pandemic, our program will be modified for semester 1. Families may sign up for 3 or 5 days each week. We will not be able to accommodate drop in students during semester 1. We will decide about semester 2 at a later date. Our program will be smaller with less options in order to keep teachers, staff, and students as safe as we can and meet the needs of parents who do not have other after school options. We will cap the total number of after care students at 25. The smaller numbers will allow us to spread out and give students a more relaxed environment. We will follow the same safety protocols as during the school day. We strongly encourage masks. We will emphasize social distancing and hygiene. We will stay outside as much as possible. We will take temperatures at check in. We will not have outside-vendor classes (like Yoga or Sprouts) semester 1 but hope to bring them back in the spring if the Covid-19 virus is more contained.

The registration form is attached to Mr. Roerdink’s email and will be available at open house and in the school office.

Registration will remain $40 for the year per family.

Families can sign up for 3 or 5 days a week for the month. We will not have flexibility as we have in the past. Parents will pay for either 3 or 5 days each week.

1 child -3 days a week = $40; 5 days a week = $60

2 children in same family - 3 days a week = $61; 5 days a week = $95

Please contact Principal Roerdink or Mrs. Brown with individual questions.

Thank you for your partnership during this difficult time.

After Care Application

WOW! Check this out!

The Georgia Department of Education released the 2019 Individual School CCRPI Reports on Friday and I’d like to congratulate all of our students and teachers on an amazing 2019 CCRPI score of 97.7!!!

I am so proud of our school for this amazing accomplishment! It is each and every person in this building, working to build relationships and setting high academic standards, that makes this school so special and successful! It is not ONE person, but all of us working together and making Fairyland School the best school in the State of Georgia!

A big thank you to all of our parents and community members as well for supporting the school by making this a jewel for Lookout Mountain and Walker County! We can not do it without you!

To put this score into perspective, I can tell you that the highest score in the state was a 99.3 and our 97.7 ranks 12th of ALL SCHOOLS in the State of Georgia and 9th of ALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS! Considering there are 2,200 schools in Georgia and 1.6 million students, this is the highest ranking in the history of our school, which makes this score simply amazing and unprecedented for Fairyland School.

Amazed, humbled, and thankful for each of you!

We are Fairyland!

Mr. Roerdink – Principal

1306 Lula Lake Rd, Lookout

Mountain, GA 30750

P (706) 820-1171