About Us

Founded in 1931, Fairyland School is an award-winning public elementary school located in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Fairyland offers pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, providing an extraordinary early childhood education in a diverse community that values and teaches to every individual. By beginning one’s education at Fairyland, children are building the foundation for a lifelong spirit of inquiry and joy in learning. Fairyland’s teachers strive to challenge and nurture our students, value their unique character and encourage their responsibility and sense of self-worth.


Fairyland School has been recognized for being 1 of only 51 schools in the state of Georgia to receive awards for both Highest Performing and Greatest Gains. In the Highest Performing category (130 schools recognized) Fairyland received a Silver Award; in the Greatest Gains category (139 schools recognized) Fairyland received a Platinum Award! These awards are based on the last three years average combined. Fairyland was also designated as an “A” school (CCRPI 90.0 or higher) by the Georgia Governor’s Office.