Health and Wellness

The Physical Education Program at Fairyland School is rooted in the understanding that physical activity is an integral component of the educational experience and the growth and development of each child. Our program aims to teach children skills that will set them on a path of lifetime physical fitness and health. Coach Hall’s program addresses the needs of the whole child by helping children exercise both their bodies and their minds by engaging in age specific activities that are in turn built upon year after year. In addition to games and activities, children at Fairyland participate in community programs such as Jump Rope for Heart that bring an awareness of how their actions can impact others. Our goal is that each student develops an acute awareness about being healthy and staying fit for life.

An introductory year to the gym, equipment, and concepts. Running in open space, basic tag games, gymnastics and tumbling are a few examples.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade
A focus on locomotor skills, directions, pathways, levels, throwing, kicking and partner skills.

2nd-5th Grades
The upper grades begin to learn about specific sports including rules, strategies, how to keep score, sportsmanship, and teamwork skills.

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