Media Center

The Fairyland Library is at the center of the school building but is also the central hub of reading and learning.  It is a favorite spot for students to visit with their class or on their own. Throughout the library, comfortable and inviting spots for quiet reading abound. There are also several areas where students can gather to enjoy a book together or collaborate on projects. In conjunction with the aquaponics dome beginning on the pond, our library is even home to our betta fish Dobby, in his aquaponic water garden, currently growing basil, mint and lemon balm.

The library curriculum is thoughtfully designed in a continuum to support the literacy skill development of children, as well as an individual love of reading. Our librarian creates lessons and activities that bring joy and wonder to reading and learning and inspire students to become lifelong readers. In addition, the library curriculum provides an opportunity for students to develop research skills to enhance their knowledge on subjects they have learned in the classroom. Library visits emphasize group listening, cooperative learning and making independent choices.

Weekly lessons in the library are carefully planned to expose students to a wide range of exciting reading material over the course of their time at Fairyland to foster a lifelong love of reading and learning. A wealth of technology, interactive games, centers, and STEAM activities are also grafted into library visits. From dressing up as pirates and doing reader’s theater, to making music videos or dancing with Elephant and Piggie on an iPad app, (and EVERYTHING in between, including roaring dinosaur slippers) you never know what will be going on in the library but it’s sure to be educational and fun!

Students have the opportunity to select books that they may take home to enjoy either during library time, before or after school, or independently with teacher permission during the day. Books are checked out for two weeks and may be renewed in the library. We do not collect fines, but students may not check out another book if they have more than their allocated number of books (Pre-K-1st: 1 book, 2nd-5th: 2 books). Parents may also set up an account and check out up to 5 books at a time.

The library opens every morning at 7:30 and closes at 3:45.

Outside of the fun of our normal weekly library lessons, our library also has several exciting events during the year. Each fall and spring we run a book fair, a themed literacy centered week offering a great selection of books to build up home collections.  At the beginning of March, we celebrate Read Across America day and the joy of reading by honoring one of our favorites, Dr. Seuss. Students (and teachers) dress up Seussically for the day, and enjoy lots of great activities, cake and fun!  We also end each year with a school wide Book Swap the last two weeks of school.