Fairyland School’s Pre-K is supported by a lottery funded educational program – Bright from the Start – with the goal of preparing children for Kindergarten. At his or her core, Pre-Kindergarten students are constantly engaged in making meaning of the world around them. Our classrooms are intentionally created to support children’s intellectual, social and emotional growth through structured instruction as well as through self-directed play and activities. Children are met where they are in their development, and they develop intellectual curiosity as their unique gifts unfold. Student collaboration, creativity and courage are emphasized in all areas of the curriculum. Our youngest learners have a quiet rest time every day to provide much-needed cognitive and physical rest. Some of our students sleep, while others have a chance to practice mindfulness activities that they have learned.

In Pre-K students will begin to build a solid foundation in learning and developing skills to be competent and confident students and citizens. Center time in Pre-K is an hour of uninterrupted learning through play that fosters independence. Children will have this time to learn through movement, their senses, and their curiosity of the things around them. All centers align with Bright From the Start guidelines and GELDS standards. Constant and close student observation and assessments guide the teachers in reflective and purposeful planning and teaching. When our children move on from the Pre-K Program, they are able to smoothly transfer their social, emotional, and cognitive skills to their future educational and life experiences.