At Fairyland School a technology program was formally implemented in 2016 by providing a dedicated teacher to provide students with the informational and digital literacy skills needed to be experienced researchers, online citizens, and critical consumers of information in the digital age by using 21st century tools.  The technology lab is an extension of the classroom.  As such, our Innovation Lab helps students make connections and enhances the curriculum by accessing information on digital devices. Our faculty and students are encouraged to experiment, research, imagine and explore the unique resources and opportunities of our global community while providing a safe, reliable, and user-friendly environment.


Students will be introduced to the computer lab.  The students will become familiar with parts of the computer and the proper use of each part.  Kindergarten students will be challenged with typing programs that will aid in their typing development.

First Grade

Students will build on what they learned in Kindergarten.  The students will begin using their skills to be creative in the technology lab.  First Grade students will also concentrate on proper hand placement when typing.

Second Grade

Students will be challenged with integrating classroom activities in the computer lab.  Students will learn to change fonts, sizes, and colors to enhance projects.  Timed assessments will begin in Second Grade.

Third Grade

Students will be introduced to Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel.  The students will use the Internet and search engines as research tools.  Third Grade students will be challenged to increase their typing speed.

Fourth Grade

Students will use the technology lab for research and presentations.  The students will discover more capabilities in programs they learned in third grade.  Goals will be set for typing speed for each student.

Fifth Grade

Students will be assigned projects where they use technology to solve problems and make decisions.  The students will continue researching with the use of search engines to make searching the Internet more efficient.  A major focus will be placed on increasing typing speed and accuracy.